Controlling and maximising the placement of our catalog gathers a variety of actions. The establishment of modern marketing strategies allow us to highlight our songwriters and artists pieces. Our focus is primarily pointed to improving the methods used to reach a fine targeted and responsive audience. We seek unconventional ways to represent each tune. In coordination with the artists and songwriters, we employ the social media platforms to initiate collaborations with influencers, playlist curators, brands, blogs and other creative surroundings.


We lead most of our administration operations with the help of specialised partners in order to provide an effective, trustworthy and transparent service. The fundamental activities we carry out for our songwriters include song registration, song copyright protection, lyrics registration and the tracing of their use throughout the world.
We are also accountable for the verification of the royalties paid to our songwriters as well as verifying the reports delivered by the Performing Rights Organisations (PRO). We pay a particular attention to the analytics of a variety of numbers. In fact, we develop and keep up to date a database for each musical piece that we represent. This way of doing allows us to convey comprehensive statements indicating information about the use of a song (licensing), number of sales and due royalties. In terms of industry relationships, we manage the interactions with sub-publishers, co-publishers and sometimes catalog administrators. In addition, we also handle possible musical adaptation or translation inquiries.


The artists are at heart of our collaborations. Each and every part of our services are dedicated to provide our artists with the best career development opportunities. One of our objectives is to accelerate the artist’s growth overall. We want to concentrate on the bigger picture in achieving a growing and organic awareness of their talent throughout their music. Either an artist is just getting started or rather well established, we want to support them in professionalizing their activities so that they can focus their attention primarily on the creative process. Depending on their status and needs, our assistance will touch on the subjects such as notoriety and fanbase development, how to handle administrative tasks, finding the proper partners, getting placement opportunities, online presence, and so forth.


When opting for Heap Music as you partner for your audiovisual projects, you opt for a fast, reliable and flexible approach.
We are committed to establishing solid relationships and preserving a trusting environment with all actors involved in the creation, performance and recording process of a musical work and sound recording. In this way we can assure the most harmonious procedure of writing and granting a synchronisation license.

In case you already know what song or composition off our catalogue you wish to use, please fill out the form below in order to submit a licensing request. Upon reception of the inquiry, we will revert to you, cost free, with an offer suitable to your needs.
In the event, you require assistance, feel free to share your creative brief with us at the following email address : Thanks to the thorough knowledge we have of our music catalogue and the straightforward contact we have with each songwriter, we guarantee to put the most relevant selection of sound recordings together for you.

Looking for a custom-made piece ? We have access to the proper network and the songwriters we represent posses the essential ressources to bring your most original ideas to life. Share your ideas with us right below using the form.


The production of a music video is a key step as it strongly enhances visibility of a sound recording in most cases. A quality production demands substantial funds which can become an obstacle. Therefore, we help our artists finding the right partners and in some situations, we participate in the co-financing of video clips. Here are some music videos we have been involved in.


Punctually, we like to organise so-called songwriting and co-writing camps in order to bring creative minds together and promote networking. This type of gatherings stimulates the creation process and has a broadly positive impact from a relationship and learning standpoint. Discover below our upcoming camps and events.


Our objective to discover and reveal brilliant artists from the Hip-Hop, Trap, Emorap, R&B, etc. scene also materialise in the curation of playlists. All songs found in our playlists have two things in common : first they are recent releases and second they have been carefully selected. In that way, we offer a fresh, cohesive and engaging list of sound recording sorted by mood and genre.

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